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Professor Oz – Robotronic

Professor Oz – Robotronic

Professor Oz

Published on: 01.02.2009

Professor Oz – Robotronic
(MP3 Podcast on www.ParisDJs.com) T.I.M.E.C., 2009-02-01

“Our own estimed electro, ambient and deep house specialist, the mighty Professor Oz, called on day to tell us about a thematic mix he had cooked specially for us, centered on robotic voices, Zapp‘s famous talk-boxing…. He had just finished producing his wife’s album, Nelo’s upcoming “Rue Myrha”, and wanted to take a bit of time to be a part of Paris DJs ever-expanding collection of thematic musical trips. Too bad, his previous mix “Chill-Out zone” is not available anymore – but be reassured the Prof will be back very soon with new sugar mixes deep-pan fried just for your ears…” (Source : Paris DJs)

Tracklisting :
01. Bootsy Collins – Party On Plastik (Da House Mix)
(from ‘Party On Plastic’ 12 inch, 1988 / Columbia)
» more info on bootsycollins.com | myspace.com/bootzillaproduction | wikipedia.org «
02. West Street Mob – Break Dance (Electric Boogie)
(from ‘Break Dance (Electric Boogie)’ album, 1984 / Sugar Hill)
» more info on discogs.com «
03. Zapp – Dancefloor
(from ‘Zapp II’, album, 1982 / Warner)
» more info on myspace.com/thetroutmans | wikipedia.org «
04. Paul Harcastle – Sound Chaser
(from ‘Paul Hardcastle / Universal Funk – Zero One’ album, 1985 / 10 Records)
» more info on paulhardcastle19.com | paulhardcastle.co.uk | wikipedia.org «
05. Visit Venus – Planet Of The Breaks (Escape)
(from ‘The Endless Bummer’ album, 1998 / Yo Mama’s Recording)
» more info on myspace.com/youvisitvenus | discogs.com | yomama.de «
06. Kraftwerk – Expo 2000 Remix
(from ‘Krafwerk Expo Remix’ CD, 2000 / Kling Klang)
» more info on kraftwerk.com | myspace.com/kraftwerk | wikipedia.org «

Selected and mixed by Professor Oz (T.I.M.E.C.)
Artwork by Djouls (djouls.com)